Vasiya Rasamani




The wealth will remain. It is good for business and brilliant education, debt difficulties will go away. Errors will be erased.  Drives away evil age, jealously, troubles caused by bad evils, and paves way for better living with all amenities. Have a long life. It will also provide long life for you, fulfillment of all desires, and create luck. To have a bright, wealth, honor, to charm all personalities.

35gm Rasamani can be worn around the neck. Awakened Rasamani brings harmony to your being and helps you focus. podam method herbal process Ranges From 25 to 500 Podam ,Saranai &Prices Varies Accordingly 

1.Basic 35 gm Vasiya Rasamani 25 Podam with Pure Herbals =15,500RS

2. 35 gm Vasiya Rasamani 100 Podam with Pure Herbals =35,000Rs

3. 35 gm Vasiya Rasamani 173 Podam with Pure Herbals =46,000RS

4.35 gm Vasiya Rasamani 500 Podam with Pure Herbals =96,000Rs



  1.  We can have the super most power in aakarshanam (pulling of other’s mind 
  2. These will help to get happiness, sin crime will be removed, prosperity will be maintained
  3. By wearing the ball made of “RASAMANI” in our body we can walk speedly without tired
  4. It is very sure that you would be having an extraordinary satisfaction with your life partner in the bed times by keeping the “RASAMANI” BALL
  5. Cures all diseases, gives enough wealth and victory over enemy
  6. It gives power position and great wealth.
  7. It can’t be destroyed in high hit. This gives esteem physical strength and wealth, which can’t be destroyed by time.


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