Our face is crucial for human identity. It is the key where the facial expressions come to the picture from all the emotions in every living being. Skin of the face is the external part of the body which is a mirror reflecting the health of an individual since the ancient era and also now skin is of utmost importance; it is taught to signal youth, fertility and health.

In order to rejuvenate the face muscles maintain the elasticity of the skin, remove adhered dirt particles and to improve blood circulation, this herbal based cosmetics are non toxic in nature. It nourishes the facial skin and supplies vital Naresh mint to the skin. The main advantage of using herbal cosmetic is no side effects


👉 Babchi steeds
👉 Yellow zedoary
👉 Avaram senna
👉 Rose petals
👉 Artemisia pallens
👉 Chrysopogon zizanioides
👉 Sandal
👉 Sada maanji
👉 Indian sarsaparilla
👉 Cardamom


👉 A natural face pack enhances your skin health, makes it soft and supple.

👉 It fights acne and fades blemishes

👉 It fades away the dark spots and also support for the skin tonification

👉 It supports well in washing away the dirt, excessive oil and grime

👉 Most importantly, it helps in unclogging your pores. It penetrates deep inside the skin pores and pushes out the dirt to the surface, along with the dead skin cells.

👉 Natural facepack helps in relaxing the skin and also hydrates it 100 gm 1000₹

How to use it

👉 To find the best results for the skin related issues the person has to use it regularly, others can use it 3 days a week

👉 It should to be applied at night after the dinner

🌸 Notice 🌸
There should be a gap for minimum 2 hours after the dinner because it should not disturb the digestion.

👉 Recommended grams for the face pack powder to apply based on age wise,
◆ For kids (in-between age 6 to 10) 5gms
◆ For adult 8gms

👉 Based on the recommended grams, this natural face pack has to be mixed with 2 teaspoon (approximately 10 grams) of curd in to a paste form and apply gently on the face, leave it for 1 to 2 hours (for kids 1 hour is enough) stay relaxed and observe the sensation in your face

👉 After the face pack applied; be in a meditative feel by observing the sensation in the face

🌸 Notice: 🌸
After using this natural face pack we request you to stop using the chemicals (bath soap, face cream, face powder, lotion) because these acid contents which are used in continues for the long time producing foam will block the atmosphere contact and the temperature in your body will be unbalanced indirectly without your awareness.

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