Sengali Bangle


The person who wears very Rarest Sengali  Bangles gets healthy and wealthy life. It gives relaxation to our mind and body. It helps reach great heights and succeed in all the endeavors. The Sengali bangle helps you relieve from depression and anxiety relief and relaxes your nerves. Karungali bangles gives the wearer  a lot of  health benefits , removes skin and nerves problems. It gives strength to bones and prevents from many health issues.

Sengali Bangle is a very powerful tree which our ancestors used. It was used in ancient temples and temple towers (kalasam); was also used in significant homams and other pooja rituals.

Wearing Sengali Bangle mala, Sengali  stick and Sengali  bracelet helps you nearing God and give spiritual power. They eliminate negative energy and stimulate positive vibrations and good waves. It protects us against evil-mind, evil-eyes, lies, jealous etc., It strengthens your mental power and self confidence. It clean our Aura and decreases unwanted heat and takes care of body temperature.

Sengali  mala,Sengali  stick and Sengali  bracelet helps to fulfill your wishes and prayers. It gives the blessings of Maha Vishnu. It also multiplies twice the blessings of Lord Ganapati, Lord Durga, Lord Murugan and Lord Hanuman. It keeps away anxiety and stress; has the ability to maintain blood pressure in good level. It keeps you up financially. It increases the chances of getting child. When you drink Sengali  i water for 48 days every morning, it cures diabetes and other significant diseases; protects you from the vulnerability of saturn.

To be precise, the benefits are:
*Attract Money & Wealth
*Producing positive energies & Shakti
*Prevention from Black Magic
*Vanishing of sorrows & worries
*Reaching goals & Victory
*To enhance meditation
*Depression & anxiety relief.
*Relaxation & positive Healthness
*Blessings from Kula Deivam


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