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My Heartily wishes:

In everybody life our parent’s contribution is precious than anybody relationship, in this way to realise our self identity, skill development and moulding to the perfection in the art, a Guru is must in everybody life. By the grace of God I found my Guru Ayya Swami Kannan, through his blessings and guidelines he taught me the arts all around. It was really blissful days and I am so much blessed that I have trained under an enlightened soul.


I have gone through with many Masters for learning the valuable arts it moulded my mind to analyse my self identity and if we direct ourselves with clarity in knowledge balancing the silence in mind then this will sure take you to the self realise for the ultimate achievement using the mind power. It is the source where you can find the answers for everything. When you involved in an art and as much when you dedicated to it learning that will brings the maturity and shaping yourself what you actually want to be is the fact which I realized from my experience

Knowledge spreading

So far the knowledge which I gained I have shared it by conducting many workshops for years and thousands of people are benefited based on health as well mind and for all these I heartily thank my Guru Swami Kannan the best I have ever met in my life as well few years ago he attained the Jeeva Samadhi but he is still alive through my teachings. About my ambition it is to teach all the arts what I have learnt so far from many Masters also I witnessed myself to explore my great Guru SamyKanu based on his teachings what I have learned so far and from this let the people who ever reach me has to find the fulfillment in their life in a easy way.


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All is well🙏

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