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A oral health is strongly linked to how long we will live. Our teeth have such an important role to chew and the first 70% of digestion is achieved in our mouth by munching the food properly. Further it help us to speak clearly and the shape for our face.

More commonly a smile also has other day-to-day benefits, so maintaining the healthy teeth and gums is a lifelong commitment, It can give us greater confidence, as well as influence our social lives, careers and relationships.

Thereby oral health is an essential part of the overall health and well-being.

👉 The herbs used in this are detoxified perfectly, so there is no chance for side effects
👉 The mixing ratio of the herbs is followed to the guidelines of Siddha (Ancestors) and it is suitable for all age groups


◆ Banyan aerial root
◆ Mesquite Bark
◆ Tripala
◆ Thirikadugam
◆ Oak gall
◆ Nutmeg
◆ Cloves
◆ Cinnamon stick
◆ Ajwain
◆ Yellow fruit night – Shade
◆ Cardamom


So far the health benefits which are followed below it is all noted based on the feedback from our customers who satisfied in oral and overall health benefits after using our product,

👉 Good remedy for Tooth ache

👉 Strength of the tooth and gums become strong

👉 Tooth sensitivity is achieved to the perfect that got balanced with the food

👉 Solution for the Tooth decay is slowly to the pick-up and good result can be reached

👉 It also clear the mouth odour

👉 Since it is 100% a natural product and no side effects


👉 Brush your teeth 2 times a day morning and before sleep at night

👉 For kids just 2 pinch (approx. 1 gram) is enough and for adult 4 pinch (approx. 2 gram) are recommended

👉 Just give a gentle massage over the teeth covering its all the sides of this tooth powder and allow it for 10 minutes just by closing your mouth and stay relaxed

👉 Later wash your mouth with warm water and finally give a gentle massage with your gums

After using this herbal tooth powder we request to avoid using chemicals and further continue in this natural way that will give the best results Rs 750₹ Orginal .

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