100 Years Antiques Ebony Karungali Mani


Wearing and using 1oo Years Ebony Karungali Mani Ball will bring success, career growth, avoidance of cash shortages, helps peace of mind, removal of long-standing barriers to victory, elimination of laziness, anxiety and mental fear, Karungali belongs to the Angara Gragha(Mars).The Karungali Mani has immense medicinal benefits, rinse and soak the Karungali Mani in the water overnight, filter the water and drink it on empty stomach. Helps to control blood sugar levels, bad cholesterol, aids in digestion and helps regulate the digestive organs, and may help prevent allergies as well as cancer. The Karungali Mani removes all the toxins from the day and make you feel light like a feather.(Bulk Order Also Available)

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Orginal Karungali Wood Antiques 100% 

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18mm rs7800 Powerful Master Piece Mani {100 Years Ebony Wood }

100 Years Karungali Mani Benefits {Ebony Wood}

Mother Nature is one amazing feeling that a human can witness in a lifetime. Nature initiates a process, creates various things and if there is any problem in the system it heals and cures the problems around. There are various medicinal trees and herbs that are very beneficial to humans for mental and physical well being. Karungali is one such miracle tree that has many medicinal benefits.

Trees are the base of the human life force – oxygen on earth. Karungali trees are very powerful trees that can filter the impurities in the atmosphere, it is so powerful that they can absorb the electrical radiation and lightning.

Astrological significance of karungali Mani


Sometimes you can see some trees planted on the temple premises these are called the stala Vrikshams. These trees are planted for a cause. These stala vrikshams can help in maintaining better mental and physical health along with positive vibes. Karungali is one such tree that is used as stala vriksham. Astrologically it is related to the planet mars and one who has malefic effects on the planet mars can wear the karungali wood bracelet/ bangle / maala to reduce the ill effects of the planet Mars.

wearing Karungali Maala Provides physical strength to the person using it.

Divine benefits of karungali Mani


Karungali is used in divine poojas called the homam in which many medicinal kinds of wood is burnt along with ghee and many more things. Karungali has the capacity to absorb electric radiations and pass on positive vibrations.Using karungali Mala regularly or worshipping karungali will increase the power of a person called the vakku siddi the power of telling miracle words that happen. And it can be used to hypnotise the kula deivam.

Karungali god idols can be kept at home to get the blessings of the almighty and spread positivity.

Karungali for detoxification Mani


Consuming the karungali powder or  karungali malai / karungali stick soaked in water overnight and consuming it the next day morning will remove the toxins and unwanted waste from the body. especially for women, it is said to clear out the unwanted cysts and infections from the uterus. it is best advised to take this water in the morning for best results but can be consumed anytime in the day.

Karungali for skin related problems Mani


Karungali soaked water can be used for bathing to cure skin related problems, soak the karungali wood in water overnight and use it. It relieves rashes, wounds scars, acne, psoriasis, and other skin related. The skin problems gradually reduce when Karungali wood water is used regularly. karungali in bathing water gives relief from skin related problems, avoid using chemical soap and use ayurvedic products for better results.


Control blood pressure and diabetes Mani


Wearing karungali products and drinking karungali treated water will control the has the power to control blood pressure and regularize blood sugar levels and improves the insulin resistivity in the body.


Removes excess heat in the body Mani

Karungali can the balance the tridooshas called the vattha, pittha and kapha and remove the excess heat from the body and keeps the body fresh and clean.wear karungali bracelet regulary to balance the heat in the body.


Improves stomach health Mani


Consumption of karungali soaked water or wearing karungali products will help in relieving stomach ulcers and also removes fat from the abdomen and body. karungali pisin will gives physical strength to the body.


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