Reiki Certification Programs in Chennai

Reiki Certification Programs in Chennai

For those students who have already experienced the magic of Reiki and want to share it with their students, family or friends, we offer Reiki training courses at Four levels & Mastership Level 

The session consists of the following training.

Attunement for Reiki Grand Master .
Attunement for 5 elements. Ceremony for oneness with 5 elements.
Introduction to Master attunement Symbol and Grand Master attunement symbol.
How to do Attunement for Master and Grandmaster.
How to connect  a Reiki Master to Stellar Gateway Chakra
How to Connect Reiki Grand Master to Gateway.
How to do Mass Healing.
How to do Mass Attunement.
Guidance of ‘Dos and Donts‘ as Reiki Master & Grand Master.
Daily meditation to Divine Oneness.
Meditation to enhance Spiritual Strength.
Reiki Treatments/Therapy and courses are run By Vinodhan,

Level  1&2 (minimum 3 Hrs)
In the first level of Reiki, students will receive their initiation into Reiki, a cleansing of the pranic channels and chakras, and the knowledge of how to practice Reiki on their own body. Students also receive a manual with detailed information about the energy points in the body.

Level  3  (minimum 3 Hrs)
In level two, you will learn how to give Reiki to others, learn how to give distance reiki, learn about the symbols of Reiki, and gain an expanded opening of the energy channels.

Level  4  (minimum 3 Hrs) )
In the third level of Reiki, you will become a Reiki Master, which means that you can train other people to become Reiki healers. This is considered the teacher level of Reiki, and requires a deep commitment to the practice.

Grand Master Level   (minimum 4 Hrs) )Reiki Mastership is for those who want to make Reiki Teaching as their profession. Initiating others to Reiki is a great responsibility, sacred Divine and a powerful experience. This course is available after completing  Reiki Level-III  with our masters. For those who attended Reiki courses from other Centers will have clear an assessment exam for eligibilty Our courses enable you to gain authentication to practice and to set up a new business in this field if you so wish.

The session consists of the following training.

Attunement for Reiki Master .

Learning how to give Reiju/healing attunement( Spiritual Gift)- Self and to Reiki Channels.

Training on attunements for Level 1, 2 & 3.

Understanding the values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master.

Do’s and Dont’s of Reiki Master

Reiki Master class manual & Certificate.

Benefits of Reiki

Reiki is often used as a complementary conventional therapy in a number of hospitals today. Reiki enhances the will power of mind. Reiki has even helped people to improve their overall personality. Some of the benefits of Reiki are as follows:

Helps Dissolve energy blocks and promotes natural balance between mind, body and spirit.

Creates deep relaxation and helps the body release stress and tension.

Improves concentration.

Enhances the body’s self-healing ability.

Helps spiritual growth and enhances mind’s will power.

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