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Course Duration: Just 4 Hrs 

Crystal healing is the use of crystals to influence the body’s energy field or aura in order to bring about healing and harmony. The belief that crystals (precious and semi-precious gems such as diamonds, rubies and emeralds are all crystals) have magical and healing properties has a long history. Many spiritual healers now use crystals to help with a wide range of physical and emotional conditions. Crystal therapists believe that crystals can tap into the energies of the universe, focus healing energy and resonate with the energies of the body to bring about healing. Crystals are individually selected for their energy. Crystals such as amethyst and rose quartz are particularly thought to possess healing energy which they can store and release like a battery. Practitioners claim that the crystals do not actually heal a person but rather act as a focus to help people heal themselves. You can either buy your own crystals or visit a therapist. If you choose to visit a therapist you may be questioned about your lifestyle, diet, and medical history. You will then be asked to sit or lie on a couch or the floor. You will not need to undress. The therapist will then use his or her intuition to scan your energy without actually touching you to assess which crystals to use. They may place crystals around you or on the part of your body that needs healing. They may also hold the crystals themselves or ask you to hold them. Some practitioners place the crystals on acupuncture points or chakras. Others combine crystal healing with spiritual healing and aura work. The skill of the practitioner is in choosing which crystal to use and applying it in the most effective way for the person being treated.

Crystal healing refers to the alternative medicine technique of using stones and crystals to heal certain ailments. In this medicine technique, the practitioner uses certain crystals and stones to create a healing energy that surrounds and treats the patient in question. Crystal healing is an old healing practice that is widely considered to be pseudoscientific. Since crystal healing is considered to be a pseudoscience in the current world, there are not many career options available for crystal healing. However, you can use this diploma to supplement your qualifications and to embark on a successful career in the therapy field. You can use this diploma to learn more about crystal healing and to experiment it yourself as well. This diploma will teach you in-depth about crystal healing, its importance, and its history. You will be trained on how to use crystal healing to open up chakras and to cleanse auras through this certificate 

The Crystal Healing Course Details
Chakras & Colour Healing Application & Techniques
The Crystal Healing Session Programming 
Crystal Healing Practitioner Manual

The Aura
The Aura Part 1 opening 
The Aura Part 2 Activating   
The Aura Part 3  Seeing 
Ethereal Crystals 10-12
Ethereal Crystals 1-9
Notes for Ethereal Crystals 1-9

The Chakras
Chakras 1 to 7 Activation 

1 When did Crystals begin?

2 About the Crystals

3 What are the Crystals?

4 Types of Crystals

5 How to Choose the Crystals

6 How the Crystals work

7 How to Program the Crystals

8 What is Crystal Healing?

9 How these Crystals help Heal?

10 How to use Crystals

11 Crystal Quartz and Gemstones Healing for Seven Chakras

12 Benefits of Crystal Healing

13 Types of Crystals and Usage

14 Crystal Gridings

15 Healing Arrangements with Crystal Grids

16 Clean of Crystals

17 Cleansing Crystals – Best Techniques

18 Why Cleanse?

19 Cleansing Crystals, a few recommended methods:

20 Clearing your Crystal

21 Crystal Power in Atlantis

22 How to build a Lemurian Light Beam Crystal Device

23 Psychic Attacks

24  Cord Cutting for negative Energies
Psychic Attacks

25  Cord Cutting for negative Energies

26 Frequently Ask Question

Disclaimer material Provided :

Crystal Therapy manual in Tamil / English


Crystal Products so that you can practices at your home

Duration :4 Hrs hours

1 day workshop Duration:


4.00 am to 7.00 pm 

Course Fees:- INR Rs. 6500/

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