Kuppa Muni Anubava Vaithiya Murai


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Siddhar grandfather Panduvara Kuppusamy’s father, Nagappa, was tending goats and cows while a Samiya named Kathiravel came that way. Seeing his exhaustion, Thakappan milked the goat on the hot rock and lit it with a stick of firewood and worshiped it with firewood. Samiyar has been amazed by the taste of balkatti.

Along the banks of the river are very rare herbs The preacher who was surprised to see that there are thousands of herbs in Elivisa Chedi, Sepdi phone identified some herbs to Nagappan. “Sami should stay here and pay our respects to us, and not to knock our demand,” he said and bowed down to his feet. Agreeing to Nagappan’s request, she built a hut for the preacher at Arara and sent her son Rangappan on a mission.

Seeing the wisdom of Rangappan’s question, the preacher called Agathiyar by his nickname ‘Kuppana’, which eventually became Kuppusamy and became Kuppamuni. Kuppusamy, who studied medicine from Samiyar, was known as a prodigy at an early age.

At the end of his stint as a preacher, he was educated at a school run by Kathaliiyar, the priest of the nearby Aimbuliputhur Kathalinarasinghaperumal Temple, in Karath. Due to the education he had received, he wrote in one of the words of the Kathirvelsamy, and Kuppusamy Kathirvelsamy also wrote a manuscript of the magic spell and gave it to Kuppusamy and said, …………………..

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