Healing Activation Wand


Just like a Healing Wand  a meditation wand is used to intensify your meditation session. It can help you focus and observe your actions from a spiritual point of view. Meditation wands are ideal for crystal rituals as it is loaded with powerful energies.

Most meditation wands are made from higher chakra Healing Wand that awakens the crown or the third eye energies. That’s why meditating with crystal wands can help you open your mind’s eye. It can help you dispel confusion and cultivate quick decision-making skills.

These holistic Healing Wand wands are also working to complement other healing powers and be combined with other approaches to accelerate the healing strategies. There are some benefits of using the   wands are as follows:

  1. It will help in recognizing the intensely hidden feelings and as well as boost your memory.
  2. It will help to enhance your strength, wealth, and resourcefulness.
  3. It will provide fair and dominant support to surviving different traumas like sexual abuse, broken families, and intoxication.
  4. It will help the person to understand the relationships and enjoyment in various aspects of life.
  5. It will help you to understand your duties in life.
  6. It assists your self-healing at every stage of your life.
  7. It helps in balancing the body during low-intensity frequency.
  8. It helps to build up  the energy, focus, and absorption.
  9. It will help in obtaining a relaxing and deeper sleep.

Similarly, these amazing wands had lots of healing powers and properties which are often used by the healers. You just need to know your needs and desires, which you want to fulfill so that you can choose the right wand, and that will work for you

All you need to do when you’re thinking of using a chakra wand is the right chakra. Once you’ve confirmed the chakra, you can activate it with the chakra wand in many ways.

  • You can place the chakra wand on the chakra
  • You can point the crystal wand at the chakra
  • You can rub the chakra with the gemstone wand
  • You can sprinkle elixir made from the crystal wand
  • You can anoint the crystal with compatible incense/ herb


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