Ebony ring (Karungali moundram)


Ebony Ring is a symbol of power, you will get receive your wish  purity, balance, protection and luck for Pagans. They believe this wood amplifies magnetic energy and it’s revered as the most powerful and protective of wood types. Ebony is a symbol of protection and power, likely due to its dark color.

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Ebony  is a type of wood. Ebony Ring is a powerful tree that absorbs electrical radiation on its own. It also acts as a remedy for chronic ailments. This tree is full of medicinal properties and its benefits increase with age.

There are many virtues hidden in the trunk of a mature tree. Other parts of it are medicinal. If you put it in the bath water, its color will change. If you take a bath in it, you will get rid of physical fatigue and get refreshed immediately.
 Do you know what happens if people who do not know the deity worship with ebony like this?
The first God for every human being is his deity. God protects the heritage just as our ancestors protected us from it. The family is God. If we receive His grace we will have everything. There will be some who do not know what their heritage is.
An amazingly powerful gift they got was ebony. How do you draw your heritage with this block? What are the glories of the ebony? We can find out about that in this post


Buy and keep a genuine ebony block of the right size for your convenience. Counterfeits are circulating for sale. Good to see and buy. The chemically coated ebony stick will stick to its coating hands as soon as it gets wet. If holy water is kept in the house you can rub the ebony all over with that water .Otherwise you can rub it with cow’s milk. Then place the sandalwood and saffron on the top of the block three times side by side. Then take three coins and place them in the place where the saffron was placed. If the root of the plant is found, it is better to keep it on the stump. Now think of your heritage and make a flower garland. Then show the incense, the lamp. The deity mantra should be recited 108 times while showing incense. Doing so will land your heirloom into the glorious ebony. Get the boon you owe. Do not forget that your well-being is important to your deity.
 The deity will surely show you the way to get relief from any problems you may have. Even those who do not know the deity can get the boon they need by performing this worship. You chant the Murugan mantra. Your deity will be charmed and will bless you. Ebony has such energy.   Ebony will be used to mark. Through this the divine power can be inspired and grace can be promised. They will be worn with the Rudratsa garland. The tower is one of the items added to the coffin. Worship the majestic ebony and make available the grace of the deity The person who wears karungali beads mala gets healthy and wealthy gives relaxation to our mind and body.

Benefits of karungali malai benefits –
Money & Wealth
Banishment of sorrows & worries
Reaching goals
Depression & anxiety relief.
Blessings from kula deivam


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