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    When a girl or a married woman visits a house, it is a sign of respect (in case of an elderly lady) or blessings (in case of a girl) to offer kumkumam to them when they leave. In most of India, married women apply red kumkuma to the parting of their hair above their forehead every day as a symbol of marriage. This is called vermilion or sindooor (in hindi). In southern India, many unmarried girls wear a bindi every day unlike northern India where it is only worn as a symbol of marriage
    In southern part of India Men, women, girls, and boys also apply a dot on their forehead of red kumkumam powder normally and also while visiting temples especially.

    👉 Turmeric powder
    👉 Lemon
    👉 Alum stone
    👉 Vengara Parpam
    👉 Screw pine flower extract
    👉 Sea shell extract

    Net weight:
    25 grams (per box)

    The Speciality in our product:
    👉 Completely natural, Prepared based on the ancient traditional method

    👉 In production basis it tooks the process around 48 days to complete

    👉 The Aroma of this kumkumam special it brings based on the extraction of screw pine flower and the other ingredients, this will give a divine feel

    Health benefits:
    👉 The Ajna chakra (point in between the eyebrows) is highly susceptible to damage caused by anxiety and stress. That is where wearing a bindi comes into play. Massaging this point on a daily basis helps the muscles and nerves in this area relax sending a calming effect throughout your body

    👉 This Acupressure point GV24.5 (point in between the eyebrows) stimulates the muscles of the face and increases blood flow (by stimulating the supratrochlear artery, and the supratrochlear vein) to all the muscles involved

    👉 This mixture present in kumkumam is also one of the best remedies for a headache. It relaxes the muscles of the forehead and provides instant relief

    👉 The kumkumam is an antibacterial in nature and helps to keep infections at bay

    👉 On a more spiritual note, the colour red is known to help retain the positive energy of the body

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